LESSOR (Hereinafter Charter Company)
Moll de Llevant, 189 07701
Maó – Illes Balears
TEL 602 032 501


Article 1. Lease Agreement

1.1. The Menorca Yacht Charter Company delivers the yacht for the use of the Lessee and will not make any other similar arrangement with respect to the same yacht during the charter period.
1.2. The Lessee accepts the charter of the vessel for its use and enjoyment and pays the cost thereof, including where applicable the Skipper’s fee, the deposit and any additional extras and charges agreed upon, pursuant to the Agreement referred to, prior to the commencement of the charter.
1.3. The Lessee may not transfer the rights under this Agreement to any third party, nor transfer the vessel or any part thereof, or sublet it without the written consent of the Charter Company and in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

Article 2. Check-in and Check-out

2.1. The Company undertakes to provide the vessel insured, seaworthy, clean, fully equipped and in possession of all necessary documents for navigation and in compliance with laws and regulations.

2.2. The Company as owner/manager of the vessel reserves the right to cancel or postpone charters due to bad weather conditions, mechanical failures, legal restrictions, weather, etc. In this case, an alternative will be organized. If this is not possible, any charter fees already paid will be refunded in full.
2.3. The Lessee shall follow the instructions on board with the permission and control of the Master in accordance with nautical law and safety.
2.4. The Lessee does not have to require the itinerary to be 12 nautical miles away from the coast.
2.5. The Charter Company shall provide the vessel for the commencement of the charter period at the Base Port at the agreed check-in time and the Charteree shall return the Yacht at the Base Port at 18:00 (or other previously agreed time). Variations in rental hours must be arranged upon request, at an additional cost.
2.6. Check-in is considered completed when the Charter Fee and deposit are paid; and the Crew List and Inventory List are signed by both parties.
2.7. The Lessee must return the boat in order, with all the objects in the check-in positions. In case of damage or loss of any item on the Inventory List, the corresponding amount will be charged from the Tenant’s Security Deposit.
2.8. The Lessee may not take on board a greater number of crew members for accommodation or travel than stipulated by the technical specifications and the Lease Agreement.
2.9. In case of children on board, the Lessee shall be responsible for their conduct.
2.10. The storage and use of illegal drugs and weapons are strictly prohibited. Violation of this provision shall constitute grounds for immediate termination of the Lease Agreement without compensation.
2.12. The Lessee shall ensure that no pets or other animals are taken on board.
2.13. If a toilet blockage occurs due to the Tenant’s fault, a cleaning fee of €150 (one hundred and fifty euros) will be applied.
2.14. The vessel may not be used for commercial photography or video recording without the written consent of the Charter Company.
2.15. The Charter Company provides the vessel with a full tank of fuel and the Lessee shall return the Yacht with a full tank of fuel as well.
2.16. In case of any complaint, the Tenant should immediately bring the dissatisfaction to the Charter Company by phone, message or mail in order to have the possibility to change the situation.

Article 3. Reservation and Payment

3.1. All reservation requests should be sent to charter@menorcayachts.com.
3.2. Full payment must be made to the Charter Company’s account before the charter begins.
3.3. Any bank charges or commissions of the sender must be paid by the sender.
3.4. The cost of the charter includes:
– the vessel with its equipment in proper condition,
– the skipper on board,
– mooring at its home port,
– inventory items according to the Inventory List,
– the comprehensive insurance policy for the vessel and the persons on board (see Insurance Policy)
– maintenance and technical service.
3.5. The Lessee pays any other additional costs based on actual consumption, such as coastal transportation, water sports equipment, catering, mooring cost, etc.
3.6. Cancellation of the charter is possible 48 hours before the date of your reservation. If the cancellation is less than 48 hours, the total amount paid will be retained.

Article 4. Bail

4.1 The deposit shall be processed prior to boarding. In case the Renter refuses to pay, the Charter Company reserves the right to cancel the reservation without further liability and no right to reimbursement.
4.2 The Lessee shall sign the Agreement and consecutive Inventory and Crew lists prior to embarkation confirming full understanding of the obligations in the event of any loss or damage to the Yacht, ancillary equipment or property of third parties.
4.3 The deposit shall be used as security for any loss or damage suffered by the Charter Company due to any breach of the booking conditions and/or any damage caused to the Yacht or its contents during the charter period. The lessee may not apply or deduct any part of the deposit.
4.4 When the Charter Company confirms that there is no damage to the vessel after the charter, the deposit will be refunded.
4.5 If there is any damage or loss caused to the Yacht and/or its contents during the charter period, the Lessee is liable for these losses and damages incurred to the bond.
4.6 In case of disagreement over damages or losses, the Charter Company shall withhold the deposit until the matter is resolved.
4.7 If the loss or damage caused by gross negligence or reckless conduct is greater than the level of the security deposit the Charter Company reserves the right to make a claim against the Hirer for the full extent of the loss.